Africa’s Most Popular Foods

In Africa, there are many countries with the different type of food that are eaten. Some of the food being the staple food while other are not. The food is prepared in a variety of ways hence coming up with the sweetest food ever. More spices are added to the food to make the aroma and the taste more tantalizing. These spices can be in help when you want to cook something for a special occasion, like Valentine’s day. Your delicious dish will be great combined with a small gift which will be the icing on the cake for an unforgettable and unique Valentines day.

Some of the most common food cooked in Africa:

Rice Food

african rice meal

Rice is one of the popular foods that is prepared in Africa. It is a staple food all across Africa. The rice meal is prepared differently in different countries.

Some of the forms of preparation are:
• Coconut rice that is prepared from the coconut milk
• Tuwo shinkafa that is made of thick rice and eaten with meat or spinach
• Tuwo masara prepared by use of corn flour and eaten commonly in Nigeria
• Pilau that is of meat and spices in the rice commonly found in the coastal parts of Kenya


nshima african meal

It is a cornmeal that is the stale food for many countries. Some of the countries that prepare the food are the Democratic Republic Of Congo, Malawi and Zambia. It is the common food in the central part of Africa. In most cases, the nshima is served with meat, vegetable or can be eaten with milk. It is eaten mostly after the harvest season that is in between April and November. During the harvest season, the food is found in plenty.



Kachumbari is a popular food recipe that is served with rice, meat especially Nyama Choma. Kachumbari is a combination of chopped tomatoes, onions and pepper that combines up to become a salad. It is mainly served with pilau around the coast region.


fufu african meal

Fufu is very common in Ghana. Fufu is a preparation of a dish from cassava, yams or even plantains that are pounded to make a dough like substance. In this case, the dough-like consistency is served in small balls, and you eat by dipping in the sauce prepared alongside. Fufu is common in the Western part of Africa. Any time you visit Africa, you can ask for the tasty food and eat.

Nyama Choma


Nyama Choma is a Kenyan Swahili name that means roasted meat. The name choma is mostly prepared for special events such as weddings, visiting guests or any ceremony or a barbeque for a get-together. The food is commonly prepared by the males who are usually known to prepare the meal skillfully and with much knowledge. If the nyama choma is prepared by a skilled person, it will be very sweet.

Shisa nyama

shisa nyama

The meal is common in Soth Africa and some parts of the southern Africa. It is a combination of barbecued meat and maize porridge. Shisa nyama means “burn the meat” among the Zulu people. There are the shisa nyama that are located at a restaurant where you can ask for the food. It can be in the form of chops, steak, kebabs or chicken.
Any time you visit Africa, you should not eat the common food in your country. Move outside the box and look for the African foods that are prepared skillfully by the people. You will not enjoy your journey to Africa without the eating the tasty food.