Fascinating African Tribal Traditions

There is so much diversity among the tribes that live all across Africa that it is no surprise that there are so many different traditions that can be found within these tribes. They do hold a degree of fascination for people all over the world as it is a life that is so different from the one that most of us live. Some of the most interesting African tribal decisions are discussed below.

Living Alongside Wild Animals

The Maasai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania do not kill wild animals, all of the meat that they eat comes from livestock and cattle. Each clan is associated with a different species of animal and this animal is revered by the clan who will protect it rather than try to do it harm. The clans often live close by the animals that they are associated with.

The Tribe With Red Skin

The Himba tribe of Northern Namibia appear to have a red skin tone. This is the result of the mixture that they make to protect themselves from the sun. Butter fat is combined with ochre – an element that contains iron oxide and is red in color. This lotion is then applied to the skin and after many year of use the skin actually takes on a red tone.

Cows As A Form Of Wealth

The Pokot tribe of Kenya is spilt roughly into two groups of people, those that cultivate corn and those that rear cows. The two groups work together to produce enough food for the tribe. However, whichever group a person belongs to, their wealth is measured in the amount of cows that they keep. The amount of women that a man can marry is directly related to how many cows they have.

Jumping Over Cows

The Hamer tribe of Ethiopia have a tradition where young boys must run and jump at a bull and attempt to land on their backs. This is done to prove their manhood and it is a ritual that is usually completed in the nude. If they manage to land on the bull the next part of the tradition is to run across the back of several bulls.