African and Afrocentric Ceremony Traditions

In Africa, many ceremonies are undertaken every time. These ceremonies accompanied by some traditions that should take place in the course of the event. The traditions are severe and accepted by all the people in the community. In the modern day, most of the African have neglected the traditions due to the erosion of their culture by the Western countries.

Below are some African performed on a wedding ceremony:

Knocking the door

In Ghana, the knocking of the door is a tradition that is similar to asking for the hand in marriage of the bride. The groom will ask for the hand in marriage of the parents of the bride by knocking the door. The family of the groom will visit the in-laws to be. If the knocking on the door is accepted, the family will celebrate, and the engagement of the couples will begin officially.

Libation Ceremony


The tradition of pouring of libation is very crucial among the Africans. The libation is to appease the ancestors and bless the bride and the groom. Typical alcohol from the Africans and poured on the ground in each of the four cardinal directions. Recitation of a player is done and toasting in honor of the couple’s ancestors and the deceased.

Tying the knot

In most African traditions, they have their wrist tied up together with a piece of cloth or braided grass which is a symbol of marriage. Tying of their hands together is to symbolize unity and affirming that you will always commit to one another. There can be strands of cowries shells that acts as a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

Tasting the Four Elements

The four elements that the couple will taste are sour, bitter, hot and sweet respectively. The four elements is a symbol of the ups and down in marriages. The bitter fruits that you start with and work hard together the end of it will be sweetness. The four elements is a symbolism of how life in marriage will be.

Kola Nuts

The nuts used in the wedding used as medicine among the Africans. The nuts are a representative of the couple and the family to remain together. In Nigeria, a wedding will never be complete without the kola nuts shared among the family of the couples and the couples themselves. Most families will incorporate the activity of eating the nuts by sharing in the community.

Money spray

Money spray is common in Nigeria. The couple will dance money dances, and there will be tossing money in the air where the couple is dancing. The money sprayed is a symbol of prosperous future. The money sprayed to the couple is collected and given to the couple. The money will help the family in starting up their life.
In Africa, these traditional ceremonies are compulsory, and they must perform. Failure to undergoing the traditions, you will get the wrath for the ancestors who guides the people. Some will not consider it as a ceremony if not performed. They should be followed accordingly to avoiding missing the point.